Mel Johnson talks about Problems with Static Hair?


Fantastic results with the MarulaOil Range from Paul Mitchell

Static hair in the cold winter months can be a real issue for many people. One thing that we know (those of us working behind the chair) is that you must keep your hair healthy and moisturised.

A brilliant find for me was the difference it can make if clients use the Paul Mitchell MarulaOil products, such as  Condition and Shine (one of the best sellers in the range). This will really help with the static issues which always seem worse in the winter months. Try keeping hair moisturised with the amazing Condition and Shine .

How do I know these things?


Because I have seen the positive results on my clients hair, and received fantastic feedback from my wonderful clients.  Like many professionals, I don’t work just by being told the science behind a product by a salesperson who’s never worked with the product  in a busy salon.


I need to experiment with the products and make my own mind up whether it has improved my  clients’ hair and see the results with my own eyes.   My clients trust me implicitly recommending  the recommendation of the product they should use. I find this incredibly good fun and stops the boredom in my working day . I learnt many years ago to stay confident and to move forward in my career I have to be never afraid of a new product and except change with positivity.


The secret behind how I sell hair products is my total believe in the products I am using. I am never afraid of trying hair products to see what hair it works best on.  If I have not done my own trials with real clients, I cannot have full confidence in the product.

My experience tells that my clients also appreciate me trying new products on their hair. This can result in a product sale.   I always ask clients on feedback when using products. This is a brilliant way of opening  a positive conversation and the client revisiting my salon because I am showing amazing professionalism and customer care.


I firmly believe clients after care is the most important advert for my work. I  try to ensure all my clients  understand how to use the products correctly at home. How happy am I when they tell me that somebody said to them,

Your hair looks amazing! “Who is your hairdresser?”


So MarulaOil has been  a great find for me, from the luxurious Paul Mitchel Product Range.


So you too can now  Stop the static this winter.


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