Amalfi Italian Restaurant Yeadon, Leeds gives Outstanding Customer Service

After a long day at work, I was so looking forward to my Italian meal, at the Amalfi Restaurant, found in Yeadon, Leeds. 

I truly was not disappointed with my visit to the Amalfi.  First class food and first class service!


But it did not stop there, as at the end of our meal we needed a taxi back to our hotel.


The area manager was working that evening, Richard and I had been chatting to him about where we were from and how much we had enjoyed our visit. He was so friendly and professional.

The staff tried to ring for taxi for us but it was going to be another 40mins. We agreed that we would have to sit and wait.  But then the area manager said “I will take you back to hotel”. How kind was that?

Customer service is a vital key to a successful business.  How you make someone feel on their visit to you is so important. I do believe the digital world is perhaps  stopping great communication skills.  Businesses need to train staff to behave like this (though clearly not all can give lifts to customers). But it is a vital element for any business to have in their toolbox.

How much do you enjoy a nice friendly service?   I am guessing like me – you really do like to be treated well.

So now you know why In my world customer care is the Number One most important part of my work.

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