Right Tools, Right Products first

To stop me feeling a  bit bored whilst styling hair every day.  I’m always trying to improve my blow drying techniques. Still, even after all my years behind the chair, not a day goes by when I don’t practice.

I like to have an easy life behind the chair and I like to feel relaxed and positive whilst in the energy of my client. Only then will my client  have a positive experience.

It all starts by choosing the correct shampoo and conditioner for the style you would like to achieve. I always start with Paul Mitchell Shampoo 2, which I know gives me a clean canvas to work on. Then I second wash choosing the shampoo which will help me create the style my client wants me to acheive.

I then choose the correct styling products, I feel the third most important product is heat protection. The great thing about Paul Mitchell products you can apply more than one product to the hair. They are not heavy and do not give that horrible sticky feeling, I refuse to use products that mean I have to spend valuable time washing my hands before blow drying.

Remember, always choose the correct size brush and hair dryer. Don’t make life hard work when you don’t have to.

The secret is to dry any fringe first, if drying your own hair then do the top layer first. No matter what style you are trying to achieve, always put the effort into the blow drying.  Lift at the root! Don’t rely on straighteners to do the work for you,  it’s all in the drying of the hair, for a blow dry to last.

Even if I’m curling the hair or putting hair up, it is still all in the blow drying with the correct products.

By investing in the corrects tools and products you will achieve a positive result, you will keep clients coming back and clients will be happy with their hair. This should mean that selling products becomes easier because the client has seen the results that the hairdresser has produced by using the products that she believes in. When new products are launched it should be as exciting for the hairdresser as it is for the client. Confidence is gained by this mutual process.

Start making life easier whether you work as a  hairdresser or  if you style your own hair.

I do believe any style can be achieved it’s all about the tools and the products.

As it is late in the year, start planning to step into year 2018  thinking always about styling hair, so look to update all your tools and products to achieve that perfect style.

You will look amazing or you will make your job into a very positive experience. I know this  because you deserve it in my world.

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