Working with Hair, Rats and Mice!

I’ve been a therapist now for over 10 years now and it  makes my job as a hair designer  more interesting as I work  behind the chair. If my intuition tells me I can help someone at that present moment then it’s the right time to do so. I do not always think I have to book clients a private appointment with me – somethings just need to happen in the here and now.

For example, one time whilst I was colouring my client’s hair,  she was telling me that she had a dreadful fear or mice and rats. I know from my many years of working with fears and phobias, that the  root cause of such things, often stems from something going right back to a very early age .

So I suggested to her, whilst I was blow drying her hair, “why not let me help you let go of this phobia right here and now?”  Happily she agreed to give it a go.

How did I do it?  Well it’s all about gaining trust, clearly as her hairdresser my client already trusted me, so that was a great starting point.

I began by asking the simple question could she think back to when it started? This is professionally known as regressing the person back to the moment the fear and phobia started. It’s a bit like re-winding the movie of their life, back to the starting point.

I already knew at this point where she experienced her strong feelings about her phobia, as she had told me it was in her chest and stomach. This told me it was relationship and control issue. At this point I chose which  NLP techniques I could use to reprogram her mind and to re-anchor positive feelings and thoughts instead of negativity when she thought about or saw rats or mice.

So yes by the time I had finished styling her hair that particular day, the fear and phobia had been released. She was experiencing only positivity now.

Her hair did look amazing too as she walked out of my salon, one very happy client!

All in a day’s work in my World – Who would believe it?

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  1. Chris Mallory says:

    Being the client mentioned l totally agree. And yes my hair does look amazing !!! And to confirm this I have had many lovely comment both here and in Ireland whilst on holiday from family, friends and complete stranger’s !!! One VERY happy client

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