What does Mel Johnson talk about, behind the chair in her world?

After being a hairdresser and  working successfully behind the chair for 32 years.  I think back to when I started my own journey due to a fear I experienced about 17 years ago.  I suddenly realised that many  hairdressers around me seemed to have poor health in later years! Reflecting back I turned this negative into positive for myself.

I decided I was going to be different, I was going to remain behind the chair looking after my mind , body and spirit,god willing for many years!  Hence my passion for taking on new challenges began.

What an amazing  17 year journey that has been! I do love the experiences I have had and I now feel it is important to share how I give back my many lessons learnt,  from the amazing teachers and people I have met.  I hope I will inspire other people and share with them my extensive knowledge and my love of learning.

I use my creativity and intuition in many ways to guide people on a positive road.

Let me start sharing with you on my blog,  my present world,  spreading my wings. So please read on and  hear what I talk about behind the chair and  yes you are right!!    I won’t be writing about the weather .

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