My experience of using Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Scalp Care

Well,  when I first saw this product, my initial experience was it was a  product for men!


My word little did I realise it was going to be my best talked about set of  Products in salon so far this year . The three products consist of shampoo, conditioner and a tonic spray to be sprayed onto the scalp before applying styling products.

My love of Paul Mitchell products always keeps my days in the salon more interesting,  I love experimenting with all my Paul Mitchell Products It’s fun!

So what can I share with you about Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Scalp Care?

Amazing for thinning hair, this product really does work, Ive seen it with my own eyes.  The client who I experimented on for 8 weeks said she would even stand up and do a  speech about it, so I am impressed as it worked better then expensive vitamins.  Her hair now is stronger, thicker and fuller,  truly amazing  results.

It is a brilliant product to use prior to using the color,  to remove product buildup, so the color will take beautifully at the root due to cleansing of the hair follicle.

A client had an allergy to every product she had tried, ie  all skin care and  makeup. Whilst she was pregnant,  the only products she can use are Tea Tree Scalp Care. I’ve since then recommended them for other scalp conditions and have been given really positive feedback.

Another pregnant lady had dramatic hair loss as soon as she was six weeks into pregnancy. She used the products and was able to slow down the hair loss and carry on coloring her hair throughout being pregnant which made her extremely happy and me too.

If you need that extra body and volume in the hair,  even hair that is not thinning can still can be very heavy at the root due to hormone changes, seasonal changes, diet, extreme exercise and illness. I have found that using these products have  helped me so much in creating the lift and volume to the hair, and they work so well with any other Paul Mitchell styling products.

So yes the men are also buying the products and seeing better improvement in their  hair.

But my biggest tip – do not just use this product on THINNING HAIR

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